90 Day / 4,500 Mile Powertrain Warranty

We partner with GWC Warranty to offer a 90 day or 4,500 mile powertrain warranty on all of our vehicles at our asking price. That way all our customers are protected the moment they drive off our lot. GWC is one of the automotive industry’s best in class provider of vehicle protection plans for used vehicles. GWC has helped deliver a “No Worries, Just Drive” experience to more than 11 million drivers nationwide.

Extended Warranty Plans

Interested in an extended warranty plan at an affordable price? We are here to help! GWC has a variety of plans for different levels of coverage. Our goal is to help you find coverage that meets your exact needs. Having the right plan helps ensure a smooth claims process and keep your monthly payments affordable. Best of all, all plans are available to be financed with your vehicle purchase. Below are the three more popular plans offered by GWC that we offer.


Powertrain Plus is an upgrade to our 90 day warranty. It eliminates the $2k cap and it covers the components that are typically the costliest to repair. Such as the engine and transmission. Powertrain Plus is very affordable. If you are looking to just cover the big ticket items, this is the plan for you.


This is our recommended warranty plan as it is a good balance of component coverages and price. Not only that, Essential coverage comes with rental car reimbursement, 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption, and everything included in Powertrain Plus.


The Comprehensive tier is the more pricier warranty plan but offers the most coverage for those that want to be very well protected. Includes all the items that are in the Powertrain Plus and the Essential plan plus more! If you want to make sure most of the items in your used vehicle are covered, this is the plan for you.